The Graduation of the Basic Program of Sekolah Alkitab Visi (SAV) or Vision Bible School in Collaboration with GKPII Getsemani, Volker, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta

An ordination service was held in GKPII Getsemani, Volker, Tanjung Priok for the graduation of the church members who participated in Sekolah Alkitab Visi (SAV) or Vision Bible School held by GPPI Pondok Daud  (Tabernacle of David, Indonesian Center Pentecostal Church) for two years. 

Praises and worship started the service.  Continued with sharing of the Word of God given by Rev. Rima Santa Nova (SAV) from  Ephesians 4:11-16. One characteristic of life is growth. God wants all His children to grow up and be equipped to reach the whole maturity.  He desires that Christ will be clearly seen in our life. 

Through the teaching modules of Vision Bible School, such as Basic Principles of A New Life, the participants are hoped to walk in the real spiritual growth of a Christian. God indeed has chosen and planned us to grow up and be fruitful. 

We live to serve the Lord and not ourselves. Just the same like Jesus who doesn’t live for Himself, we must live to minister to the unsaved souls. 

The Word of God was continued,  taken from John  15:5-8. It was again reminded that the graduation doesn’t mean  stopped and finished, but we have to keep on growing up and become a witness for the surrounding around us. We have to keep our faith to the Lord and let the characters of Christ be seen in us.  

The prayer for ordination was led by Rev. Frits  Risakota (GKPII Getsemani), accompanied by Rev.Rima Santa Nova. All the participants were asked to step forward to be prayed one by one. The participants were Telly Siwabessy, Justiana Oppier,  Erssy Riana Oppier, Adelina Henriete Uneputty,  Rosnita Panggabean, and Hendrik Bestari Nesika.

A certificate of graduation was given to each participant by Rev. Rima Santa Nova. All participants looked so joyful and grateful. The service was closed by a prayer led by Rev. Frits Risakota.