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SAV Partnership Program

Ephesians 4:12
“for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ,”

SAV Bible School is a non-degree Bible school that educates layman or individual servant of God who want to grow in Christ, serve The Lord and even preparing to become a missionary.

SAV focuses in bringing the disciples to grow up spiritually in the Word of God, build up the character of Christ within them, having good knowledge in practical ministries and able to exercise those ministries as well. The duration of education is totally 3,5 years, comprise of three levels: Basic (1.5 year), Intermediate (1 year), and Advance (1 year).

The curriculum is a learning combination of class room lecturing for practical ministry modules and Biblical growing to Christ like living; Discipleship Group meetings guided by the teacher and the pastor for life sharing and growing up together in love; as well as practical ministry in several types of fields.

Each disciple can also become an inspiration and a blessing to other disciples to grow up maturely.

This SAV curriculum has also been shared to other churches who want to equip their congregations or ministry teams. We called this program as the “SAV Partnership”.

On January 2012, a church in Central Jakarta took this SAV Partnership program for their own ministers, and graduated in 2015.

After the first SAV Partnership program, we offered collaboration in this SAV program to our other church partners which was suited to their particular needs.

The participants were the church workers or church members who have desire to grow up spiritually, building in the character of Christ and equipped to be ready in the ministry field in serving the Lord.

This partnership program is free of charge and the duration of the program can be also customized to the special needs of the participant church.

Currently, there are several churches from different denominations who are participating in this SAV Partnership program, each for around 3.5 year. The participant churches are not only located in Jakarta city, but also churches in other cities or islands.

For those long distance churches, we utilize live-streaming technology for a live teaching class. The program is also combined with face-to-face sessions, where our SAV teacher team visiting the location directly and conduct the class, in the opening and other next sessions whenever possible.

In this SAV Partnership, the role and commitment of the local church pastor, included in mentoring the Discipleship Group, is the key for a continuing and successful program.