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Our History

After got saved in 1980, being a college student in Faculty of Economics in one of the universities in Jakarta, JB Sumbayak had ministered as a preacher in Christian Fellowship in many universities in Jakarta.


But he felt something was missing and something should be added to keep the spirit in high level to love Jesus. Finally, he learned that he needed the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


As the result, JB Sumbayak, together with all members of a small prayer fellowship, called VISI Fellowship, where most of them were college students, they earnestly and persistently prayed in one heart, asked the Lord to fill them with the power of the Holy Spirit. God answered their desire and in 1984 they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. And with the hearts that were burning with the love for Jesus, this fellowship had a vision from the Lord in 5th of December 1984, “Wherever you go, you will build the tent of praise.”


This prayer fellowship grew stronger and affected more young people especially from various colleges and senior high schools in Jakarta to join the group. They were saved and had the same zeal to love and know Jesus, and also got their calling to serve the Lord, and also a vision to be in the mission to the nations of the world.


In 1985 Yayasan Visi Injil Sepenuh Internasional or YAVISI (in English: International Full Gospel Vision Foundation) was founded. This parachurch organization or the YAVISI foundation is established to cover all the outreach ministry and teaching ministry chaired by Jacob B Sumbayak.


By the grace of God in 1986 a door miraculously opened to establish a local church in Jakarta, GPPI Pondok Daud. Through God’s direction. these young men and women joined with one Pentecostal denomination, which is GPPI (Center Pentecostal Church of Indonesia) that has headquarter in Kediri, East Java. Our church was named as “GPPI Pondok Daud” (Tabernacle of David Church) in accordance to the vision we’ve got from the Lord to build a Tent of Praise in our ministry. On 23rd of March 1986 the first Sunday service of our church began with around 60 people.


The church growing up with strong emphasize in discipleship and praise and worship kind of living. More people were then joined with the church where the motto is: “Growing to Mature Congregation Who Is Full of Praises and Prepare To Be Raptured”.


In order to have better equipped disciples for missions, we established a non-degree Bible School namely Sekolah Alkitab Visi – SAV (Vision Bible School) on October 1987. Officially, the Bible School program was conducted under our foundation organization YAVISI (International Full Gospel Vision Foundation) co-operated with GPPI Pondok Daud. The programs consist of practical ministry training course, bible class, and mentoring group. Our congregation were mostly then going through the discipleship program and following the SAV curriculum on regular basis along the years. The teaching and the life mentoring from the appointed teachers are given simultaneously as a living examples to the disciples group.


Later on, this SAV curriculum was also shared to other churches who want to equip their congregation or ministry team. On January 2012 one church in Central Jakarta took this SAV program for their own ministers, and graduated on 2015. Currently, there are several churches from different denominations have participated in this ministerial program, each of around 3.5 year period.


For outreach ministry, we launched a regular crusade namely “Happy Hours Fellowship” that was mainly attended by young people from all over Jakarta. Starting around 1987, thousands of young people at that time were converted, baptized with the Holy Spirit, and surrendered their lives for a calling of an end-times servant of God. Many of these youths were following our discipleship program who were then making their own disciples as well. Many of them are active ministers nowadays in many churches and denominations.


On February 1993 we commenced our evangelism and divine healing crusades, called as “KPPI” (Praise and Divine Healing Service – PDHS). Generally, it is conducted twice a month up to now. People will come from all over of larger Jakarta area to get their miracle of salvation and healing from our never changing Lord Jesus Christ. Thousands of people have received their miraculous salvation and healing. Testimonies of healing have been recorded ever since to bless many.


Since 2005, these KPPI events were also conducted in the outside of Jakarta city with networking to other local churches. Starting in Bandung city and then it goes around from city to city in the country, even to the most Eastern part of Indonesia, in the City of Merauke, Papua in February 2006 and to the most western part of Indonesia, in the city of Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Sumatera, in November 2006. Up to 2017 for KPPI ministry we have co-labored with around 1,972 local churches from any denominations in many cities in Indonesia.


To our church partners we shared a short course prior to the crusade to equip the participant ministers from the locals. This course is called as the “Healing Ministry Course – HMC.” Up to 2017 there have been 38.712 participants of HMC.


We also reached out the market place people among the office employees and executives. Many were hunger and longing to ministering the Lord wholeheartedly. We formed one ministry for the employees and executives, namely “ Jangkar Iman” (Jaringan Pelayanan Karyawan, Aparatur, Profesional, Eksekutif, Pebisnis Seiman) in 2005.


This ministry went on to many offices and introduced in other cities as well. With stronger spiritual movement among the market place recently, local committees of the office employees and executives were set up by their own. Afterwards, they conducted the “Miracle Night” events. The first one was held on March 2017. Hundreds of office employees used to attend these events each, with following also with divine healing testimonies. The ministers are all the employees themselves which have been trained before by our team. Laymen and women in offices are now arising to minister with the power of the Holy Spirit. They returned back to their own churches and becoming a blessing there.


In our ministry we reached out many young people, students in schools and campuses, as well as the youth in the local community. In order to better organize this youth outreach, we formed “PMPPKN” (in English – Indonesian Christian Students and Youth Fellowship), under our foundation of YAVISI in 1996. The organization is spread out with disciples membership in 26 cities currently. The members came from different churches locally and have strong ministry relationships with the local pastors for city wide evangelism activities.


As part of outreach ministry, another crusade was also held in Jakarta and other cities as well. An event namely Doa Bagi Bangsa (Pray for the Nation) was widely conducted in schools, campuses, and even in the public buildings of a city. It was around the year of 2007 where this Pray for the Nation event introduced in Jakarta, and then went out to the other cities as well. Many were held with networking to other local churches.


Another event that we used to have churches collaboration is the “Pray for Cities” (PFC) crusades. Pray for Cities was firstly introduced in Jakarta on March 2012, under the name of “Pray for Jakarta”. Since then, the PFC events have been held regularly in Jakarta and surrounded area, and then moved on to the many other cities of the country. Collaborating with other local churches as the committee, the events were conducted in many places, both outdoors and indoors, such as: football stadium, public area outdoor, sport halls, convention buildings, church buildings, reaching out hundreds to thousands people each night. It is recorded that up to now we have been partnering with around 2,434 local churches nation-wide in this PFC’s ministry.

There are several programs accompanying prior to the crusade days. We used to have “Seminar Hamba Tuhan”  (Seminar for Servants of God), which were attended by pastors, reverends, evangelists and other church’s ministry team members in the city or area.  To prepare the music and worship team, we have “Seminar Hati Daud” (“Heart of David” Seminar)  for the related team. Other short courses were also provided, such as Training for Counselors, as well as Intercession Workshop.