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Event Reports Featured KPPI





It is always such a joy when God is present in the midst of His people. This also happened during Praise and Divine Healing Service (KPPI) was held on Thursday, 8 February 2018. Even though the rain came down but many had come to the Auditorium of Adventist Building, where the service was held.

Isn’t there any joy that can be compared to entering the house of the Lord to meet Him there?  Rev. Evan Riduan led all the congregations entering the court of the Lord with a heart full of thanksgiving. Even though they had come with a heavy burden, life problems, struggle, and sicknesses, but their faith was strengthened while they were praising the Lord.

A healing miracle testimony film was aired about a boy named Kris who suffered from a yearly headache and got healed. This film led the congregations to put their hope more to the Lord.

After that Rev. Michico Sihite also led them to read the verses Lamentations 3:21-25, Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.

How great is God’s faithfulness to His people. Even though they were having problems and suffered many sicknesses,  they were led to keep on hoping and believing in the Lord.

For the second time, the congregations watched another healing testimonial film about Farida Sihotang, a lady who suffered from  stroke that made half of her body paralyzed. She was helpless because of her sickness. She got healed miraculously by Jesus in KPPI.

Indeed there is nothing impossible with God.  The Word of God shared by Rev. Jacob Sumbayak was about Jesus fed 5000 people (John 6:1-15).

The Bible wrote that five loaves and two fish could give 5000 men, not include women and children. If only every man came with a wife and two kids then there would be around 20,000 people there. How could be five loaves and two fish feed around  20,000 people and were filled, and there twelve baskets remained. Lord Jesus is so great and powerful. 

Jesus is the Son of God, the King of heaven, and the mighty King is willing to come to this earth to become a human being, even died on the Cross to save men. If we believe in Lord Jesus Christ we are at the right place because He is God who is able to feed 20.000 people. He is also able to heal all sicknesses. Because He is the Son of God.  Whoever believes in Lord Jesus will not perish, but will receive eternal life.  But you have to come to Jesus for your sin’s forgiveness, not only to get healing.

After the Word of God was delivered, all the congregations were called to believe in Lord Jesus. The call was also for everyone who was watching the event through live streaming. They were led to pray for their sin’s forgiveness and receive Lord Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

After the prayer, Susan Sumbayak asked any one who had problems with their ear to move forward to be prayed first. A few people came forward. They were all asked to believe in Lord Jesus because only Jesus who is able to heal them. Praise the Lord, a lady who was prayed for ear problem got healed and could hear clearly. The same healing also happened to a man who couldn’t hear clearly, but when he was prayed God healed him. Some others who had problems with their ears were also healed and could hear clearly. Hallelujah!

And all the prayer team were asked to move forward, then all the congregations who needed prayers also came forward.  Rev. Daniel Sumbayak and Rev. Judah Pakasi led the healing prayer to Lord Jesus. All the congregations were asked to pray with all their hearts and hope for the help of God. Many received healing miracles.

Rev. Daniel Parade, Rev. Michaela Siska, and Rev. Simon Wagner took part as the interviewers to them who got healed.  They testified the healing that happened to the sick people.  They were healed from ear problems, cramped hands and body, painful head and hand that couldn’t be lifted, fluid in the lung and gastritis, acute Hepatitis B,  HNP since 2005. The others were healed from painful eyes, painful waist and knee. A lady was also healed from feeling unstable headache for 25 years and she was also healed from kidney sickness, gout and cholesterol. There was also a man from Jayapura and just visited Jakarta for a medication because of his sick right eye since March 2017 that caused by a bite of an insect. This person suffered so much because of  this sickness every time he winked his right eye. But that night Lord Jesus healed him totally. There was also a young man who was healed at  KPPI on 25 January 2018, and now he testified that he had been healed from a  rare disease called  Guillain Barre Syndrome. He already could walk and the parts of his body that were stiff before already could be moved. Lord Jesus is the Healer.

The healing testimony was ended by three healing testimony that happened to them who were watching KPPI through Live Streaming in Bengkulu, Sumatera, Indonesia. They were healed from:  being unable to hear, painful armpit that couldn’t move his hands and healed from a stroke.

A call to them who has the desire to serve the Lord was also given by Rev. Timotius Dewanto. They who responded were called to come forward and prayed.

What a great joy to see God was moving among His people. The service ended with a message for every one to return back to His own local church and be a blessing there. KPPI is held by GPPI PONDOK DAUD since the year 1993 and is regularly held every month.