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Praise God for His great mercies. He has given us this day to show His love and mercies to His people as Praise and Divine Healing Service (KPPI) was held again on Thursday, 18 Juli 2019, at Adventist Building, Jl. MT. Haryono, Kav 4-5, Tebet, Pancoran, South Jakarta.

This service was also aired lively through Live Streaming Program in Facebook. Small prayer fellowships were held to watch this Live Streaming program in many cities in Indonesia.

The Auditorium of Adventist building was packed with God’s people who had come from all areas in Jabodetabek.

A short film that is a compilation of the ministry and services of KPPI in 25 years was aired first. Followed by two healing testimony films that happened in KPPI. The first film was about a girl who got healed from Tuberculous meningitis (TBM) that could kill her. But God healed her when she was prayed in KPPI in 2003 and she is still healed until now. The second healing testimony film was about a man who had broken cheekbone caused by an accident. He didn’t only feel painful but his eye became blurry and couldn’t see clearly. After he was prayed in KPPI all his pain gone and his eye was healed, he could see clearly.

All the congregations were led to read loudly Mark 9:14-27 to build and strengthen their faith.

Another healing testimony film was aired. It was about a man who got healed from skin infection for 17 years. The skin infection affected both of his feet and caused him unable to walk. Beside it caused very bad smell. He attended KPPI and returning back home from KPPI. In the morning, all the infected area already dried and since that day all the sickness had gone.

The second healing testimony film was about a lady who suffered from HNP on the tailbone that caused her unable to walk for 3 months in 2005. She attended KPPI and got healed until today. She was also healed from a heart problem when she was prayed in KPPI in 2018. God did a great miracle.

Praise and worship were lifted up to the Lord.

Have Faith in Jesus, the Son of the Living God

The servant of God,  Rev. Jacob Sumbayak shared the Word of God taken from Luke 18:35-43. It was about Jesus healed the blind beggar at the road near Jericho. The blind man continued crying out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.” There was faith in the loud call. He had faith that Jesus is the Messiah who was promised. Jesus is the right One that can answer all the problems in his life.

His calling is a faith calling; that caused Jesus stopped and commanded him to be brought to Him. It is the same with us, in our struggle and heavy burden of life, we can call out, cry out to God. Just believe, He will surely hear and answer our call. He will surely deliver us from our life’s problems.

Jesus said to the blind man, Luke 18:42,  “Then Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your faith has made you well.”

Our faith in Jesus will make a miracle in our life. No matter how big is our problem, there is always a help in Lord Jesus.

In the moment of worshiping, a call was given to give all their life to Jesus and receive Him as their Lord and Saviour. Many lifted up their hands and stood up. They were led to pray of receiving Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour.

The Healing Prayer for the Sick 

Susan Sumbayak stepped forward and invited all the sick people to come forward. All the counselors and prayer team were called first to come forward and prepared to pray for the sick.

Susan Sumbayak said that only by Jesus’ stripes that all sicknesses are healed. Jesus is here, have faith that He is here with us. Everyone was asked to lay heir hand on the sick part of their body. A healing prayer was led by Rev. Daniel J Sumbayak,  Rev. Yohanes Nugroho and Rev. Joseph Batubara for the sick people. And then every counselor was asked to pray for the sick one by one.

God worked amazingly. Many sicknesses got healed miraculously:  cervix cancer for 1 year, unable to walk for 3 years, kidney failure and had to take regular dialysis for 5 years, gastritis for 1 year, intestine problem for 4 months, heart inflammatory for 9 months, Tubercolous for 8 months and shortness of breath, painful back nerves, lung problem, heart problem for 9 months, shortness of  breath for 1 year, being hit on the chest and couldn’t cry out, painful knee caused by gout for 1 year, problem at the joint of leg and hands, high cholesterol for 5 years, polyp for 10 years, unable to squat, cyst and womb inflammation for 2 months, haemorrhoids, thyroid,  inflammation on the parotid gland, bronchitis, painful tailbone for 1 year, stomach problem for 1 year.

An accident had caused fractures on both hips and made him difficult to walk, but after being prayed he no longer using a stick to walk.

God also worked among those who watched the Live Streaming program in their own house. A lady in Manado, Sulawesi, got healed from shortness of breath and gastritis. A young man in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara got heald from cramp leg for 3 months and gastritis. A lady in Merauke, Papua, got healed from waist problem for 3 weeks.

A call to serve the Lord was also given to anyone who desired to give his life to serve the Lord. They who came forward were prayed to be used by God to become His witnesses.

The service was closed in a message that everyone should return back to their own local church and diligently serve the Lord there.

KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service) was first held in 1993 and is an interdenominational ministry that is conducted by  GPPI Pondok Daud Jakarta. 

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