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In the Crusade Ministry, one of the events that we used to have is the Pray for Cities (PFC) crusades, collaboration with other churches. In these events we are working hand in hand with other local churches in a certain location. Usually in a city-wide network of churches, cooperates with every denomination. We are working together in preparation up to the crusade event day. The souls reaping in the PFC crusades are fully returned back to the local churches.


Practically in running the ministry of evangelism in the local cities, we build network with many local churches from many denominations, such as: Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Advent, Lutheran, Salvation Army, etc. As well as Catholic. It is really a beautiful moment, from time to time, seeing ministers from different denominations hand in hand doing the Great Commandment and praying all together.

Pray For Cities (PFC) was firstly conducted in Jakarta on March 2012, under the name of Pray for Jakarta. Since then, the PFC events have been conducted regularly in Jakarta and surrounded area, and then moved further to other cities across Indonesia, held in many cities. Collaborating with other local churches as the committee, the events were conducted in many places, both outdoors and indoors, such as: football stadiums, outdoor public areas, sport halls, convention buildings, church buildings, etc.


There are several programs which are held prior to the crusade day. We conduct Seminar for Servants of God, which are attended by Pastors, Reverends, Evangelists and other church ministry team members in the cites or areas, in preparing the church to have burden for the city and to have evangelized heart for the people. While, in better preparing the music and worship team, we have the Heart of David course for the related team. Other short courses are also provided, such as Training for Counselors, as well as Intercession Workshop.

In addition to Pray for Cities we also conduct Kebaktian Kebangunan Rohani (KKR) in English is Revival Service of Divine Healing that is held with groups of churches in an area which is commonly conducted in an open field or churches in many cities and villages.


These Revival Service usually are smaller event than PFC and can be conducted with cooperation with only 1 or 2 churches or also with cooperation from Village Head.