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Basically, almost all of the congregations have undergone the “Discipleship Ministry Program”, with the principle “A Disciple Generates Disciples”.


Here, our discipleship is about generating disciples and make them the salt and light for the city and nation.


The discipleship and teaching programs are composed in our internal developed Bible school, it is called as “Sekolah Alkitab Visi – SAV” (in English: “Vision Bible School”).


The programs are delivered in three levels of class with total duration of 3.5 year: Basic (1.5 year), Intermediate (1 year), and Advance (1 year). The highest level is designed for the active disciples, who eventually could arrange and make a wide city evangelism.


For each level, the curriculum programs are divided into four categories:


1. Practical Training, consist of modules for practical ministries in different fields;


2. Bible Class, consist of biblical modules of growing to Christ like living;


3. Discipleship Group, consist of regular meetings guided by the teacher and the pastor for life sharing and growing up together in love;


4. Practical Ministry, it is applying the courses into action in different ministry fields or objects.

Our disciples are consisting of various ages, from teenagers, young adults, and senior adults. They are taught by appointed teachers, who are evangelism practitioners, with curriculum that focused on the True Gospel, Biblical based.




This SAV curriculum is also shared to other churches who want to equip their congregations or ministry teams. We called this program as the “SAV Partnership”.




On January 2012, a church in Central Jakarta took this SAV Partnership program for their own ministers, and graduated in 2015. 



Currently, there are several churches from different denominations who are participating in this ministerial program, each for around 3.5 year.




For more details about SAV Partnership please click SAV Partnership folder.