Christmas Eve Celebration, December 22, 2019


The joy of Christmas Eve was celebrated in two hours long of musical drama played by almost all congregations of GPPI Pondok Daud.

The musical drama was a beautiful package of singing and dancing that include many scenes such as the story of Noah, David, Samson, Elijah, and ended up in the illustration of the spiritual war of prayer.

All congregations were in great joy participating in the celebration to show their thankfulness for Christmas day.

Every one was singing and praising together. Some wearing dancing costumes and ready to take part in the musical drama. 

The scene of Noah.  Children were wearing costumes of animals. They were singing and dancing joyfully. 

Dancers were dancing and worshiping before the Lord .

The scene of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.

This is the scene of an illustration of men were set up free by the redemption of Jesus Christ

Rev. Jacob Sumbayak as the Senior Pastor of GPPI Pondok Daud was sharing the Word of God.

This is the scene of the battle of  David against Goliath.

The scene of Elijah prayed for the fire of God burned the sacrifice.

The illustration of the spiritual war. As the prayer warriors we fought the power of the darkness.

The closing scene of the musical drama. All were dancing and singing to praise the Lord.