Sunday Service, December 31, 2017 Rev. Jacob and Susan Sumbayak

We are the wise that we prepare the coming of Christ

We must make sure that we are wise virgins. Thy kingdom is like wise virgins. Right now, we are on the right track. We are the wise that we prepare the coming of Christ. We must forget the past. Every mistake have to be solved. We start new life, the old one already passed. We are going to learn, how to be wise virgins. These all about God’s kingdom. If we are wise virgins, that’s is God’s grace-faithful virgins.
Wise virgins have preparation and vision. We must believe that the old life passed, the new one has already come. Leave all bad things.

Wise virgins are welcoming their Bride.
Marry was an ordinary woman. John was an ordinary man too. God chose them to reveal God’s works. We are opening the way of His coming. He chose us and make us worthy in our lives. The exciting day is the day when the Bride comes. People who are full of Holy Spirit is like an engagement, and will marry someday. There is a loving heart to the Bride.
5 foolish and 5 wise virgins waited for the Bride. 5 foolish waited, but they did not have vision.
5 wise virgins had good long preparation. Their love never ended, this is called faith. Following God must be faithful to the end.

We can measure ourselves, the longer we follow Jesus the more we fall in love with Him. Our hearts is only for Jesus. We must build our love to God. The wise virgins brought their oil. We must have faith to welcome God’s coming. We have to be on the alert.
Everyone on earth will face difficulties. Our mindset will be shaken. But wise virgins be still. We are the people who wait for the Lord.

As long as we wait for the rapture we have the oil. We ask forgiveness to God, we still have time to collect the oil. Holy Spirit is in us, we actually are rich. Holy Spirit who in us, we are rich. Whoever everyone who receives God is rich. The Spirit in us is bigger than the spirits in this world. Ask for guidance of the Holy Spirit, do not be worried. As long as Holy Spirit in us we are able to do God’s will.

We equip ourselves to wait for the Lord. That is a figure of waiting for the Bride. Wise virgins have a goal, which the heaven is the place that they will go someday.
We are new creation, we have faith to act. We must act, according to we repent.
Leave from our badness. Prepare ourselves.
The characteristics of wise virgins:
1. Action
2. Energetic

We are chosen by God, that is God’s grace. Do not note that we are worthless. Do not be intimidated by our mind. God has chosen us before the earth was created. There is nobody who can fail God’s will. We must have love, to God and other people.

The marriage talks about love. Jesus is a Bride. God’s belonging will be ours. God’s heart will be ours too. Make our goal to be our way of life. Our goal is going to heaven, there are so many ways that we are preparing. We are involved in the marriage with God, as we are in God’s heart. Do not be passive, make ourselves get involved. Pray everyday, so that He will fulfill what is less. Have long mind, do not be worried, as we are chosen as a groom.

God prepares the house for us. We are preparing, God also is preparing for us. We are the closing of glorious era. We will arrive in the happiness, great party. We are equipping to witness God’s coming.