Sunday Service, April 1, 2018 : Rev. Yohanes, Be Ready To Be Used By God

The service was opened by Rev. Joey Batubara. He led the congregations to worship God. They were brought into deep worship as they adored the majesty of God.

They were worshiping God with all of their hearts. Then the worship session was continued by Rev. Jhong Johan. He led them to go deeper in worship and praise God for Jesus has risen and overcome the death. The congregations joyfully praised God and expressed their gratitude to God wholeheartedly.


Then Rev. Yohanes Nugroho delivered the Word of God. He preached about the preparations before the coming of Jesus Christ. He encouraged the congregations to surrender their lives totally to God and be ready to be used by God in these last days.

There was a Holy Communion which was lead by Rev.Joey Batubara. The Holy Communion reminded the congregations of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. After the Holy Communion, the service was closed in prayer by Rev. Joey Batubara.